Halionsonic open HalioneOne content

I own halionsonic and cubase 5.52 (bought cubase 6. arrives monday!). I cant figure out how to open HalionOne content in halionsonic. I know this is possible somehow. The location tree only has halionsonic to chose from. Ideas?

Only SE will open HALOne content.


in Halionsonic 1.5 I have this Instrumentssets:

HS Factorycontent
HSSE Artist, Basic and Pro(which includes the HalionOne Content) from Cubase 6
HS Orchestra(the same as in HSSE)

Much better handling than HalionOne and HSO with Halionplayer!

So far great Cubase Update (and HS 1.5)without any problems.
Imac core2duo 2,8 - 4 GB RAM - 10.6.5

Gr, Mike