HalionSonic SE 3 - Missing Samples / Export from HS6

How is it possible to export a preset (with samples) to HS 3 SE ?

when i export the instrument as " EXPORT Program as HalionSonic SE Layer Preset" i get a file, that i can drag&dsrop in HS3SE.

However the samples are missing and i don’t know where to put them.

I know i could build a library, but is there a faster or easier way to export programs to HS3 more quickly?



if you stay on the same system, the exported HSSE 3 layer should do the job since the program (layer) references to the location of the files (samples) on your harddrive.

If you want to exchange your sounds on different systems you will have to walk the path of the vstsound/Library.
Since a program/layer references to it’s source material it is essential that it knows where to look. That is where the concept of a vstsound and a library comes in.

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