HalionSonic2 backwards compatibility

Does it replace the previous version, upgrade it, or co-exist with it?

Trying to establish whether my existing arrangements will need to be manually tweaked to get them going again.

…or whether I’m about to suffer again from the dreaded ‘some audio files are missing’ symptom again. …and the mysterious disappearing patches. (Standard Dry Kit / Dry Standard Kit anybody?)

I know it’s very early days, but any first hand experiences will be much appreciated here.

Great sounding products, but previously let down by poor library management and ambiguous content-management routines.

Jeez…just a configuration dialog saying ‘here’s where my content is’ would help, and we might be able to fathom it all out for oursleves.


It “replaces” HS. I had a couple of programs that I saved in HS that, so far, work fine in HS2. It even loaded with my default program. My projects that used HS still loaded fine and when I opened the GUI, HS2 was there, staring me in the face. Seems to be a seamless transition.