Halionsonic3 Freezes on Startup

I have recently upgraded to Absolute VST3 which includes Halionsonic3 . Halionsonic 2 was installed as part of upgrade of Absolute VST DL+. The issue is on 2 systems. One is an i7 8 core 32GB, Windows 7 64bit SP1 system with Gforce GTX 750 graphics. Elicenser is latest version on both. Audio hardware is emu 1212m. Other is a i7 4 core 16GB WIndows 7 64bit SPI laptop ASUS N550JK. Audio hardware on laptop is Edirol UA1-ex. License on the elicenser key says “Absolute 3”. If I unplug the elicenser I cannot open the VST in standalone mode as I would expect. In standalone mode Halionsonic will ask for audio interface and will freeze indefinitely on “initialising”. As a vst3 instrument it just hangs when I try to select it from rack in Both Cubase 9.0.20 and 8.1. It will not recover & I will have to end Cubase process. This issue also happens exactly the same with Halion 6. All other vsts in Absolute VST3 load ok. Also noted that both Halion 6 and Halionsonic 3 are blacklisted by Cubase 9 in vst2.4 mode so I only get vst3 instrument option in rack ( well I’m assuming that’s what the 3 horizonal bars icon means next to it in the rack list ).

Any help here would be appreciated as I have just parted with a wad of cash for Cubase 9 and Absolute 3 and the two VSTs I got it for are un-usable.

I have the same OS and a similarly old Edirol interface, they both work like they should for me. Try installing the latest Halion 6 update:

If that doesn’t help, try uninstalling then reinstalling both plugins.

Fixed this. After installing and re-installing both Cubase 9 and all the VST, cleaning everything I went back and re-read the system requirements… Windows 7 Platform Update!!! That was the one. All working fine now :slight_smile: