I have the Cubase 6 and I am trying to figure out how to use the Halion Sonic SE. I downloaded a manual, but the version of the Halion Sonic that the manual deals with is different than the one I have. In mine there is no ‘load’ or ‘multi’ options on the top.How does one access the different types of layers that the manual talks about? My version does not have the L1,L2,L3 and L4 options on the upper part of the HS, but a text appears ‘show layer 1’ when I move my mouse there.So how does one get them to be shown? It would be great to get some help! Thanks!

Just a thought: Instead of downloading “a manual”, maybe you should simply use the manual that comes with C6 and probably deals with the SE version of Halion Sonic that comes with C6…!?

The Cubase6 manual does not say anything about HS in itself, but advices just to download the pdf manual!

HALion Sonic SE has a separate manual included in the Cubase 6 documentation.
Check your Cubase 6 installed documentation. You should have “Getting Started”, “Operation Manual”, “Plug-in Reference”, etc., and a separate “HALion Sonic SE” manual.
This is not the same as the “HALion Sonic” manual.

Thanks! I got right manual this time.

I would like to ask the moderators if the version of HalionSonicSE in Cubase is the same as the one in Cubase Elements.
When i exchange projects between them ,Haliosonic programs seem to be missing.
Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?

Elements comes with roughly 1/4 of the instrument sounds of the full version.

My understanding is that the content in the Elements version is that same as the content in the Cubase 6 trial.
That is only about 185 programs. On my HSSE browser, I have three “libraries” of programs. I think they are “Basic”, “Artist”, and “Pro”. Maybe Elements only includes “Basic” (the one with all the GM programs).
Not sure if you could install the HSSE content from the full version on the computer with Elements and be able to use those additional programs though. Worst case is that the Elements license doesn’t allow you to use the additional programs. Worth a try.

That’s right.Only Basic is installed.Well,it was nowhere mentioned,i thought that Halionsonic SE was ONE synth and all its sounds would be available.Too bad because i use extensively the Yamaha piano preset,now missing :frowning:
Anyway,i may try your suggestion but i doubt that it will work…