Hallelujah! It wasn't my system!

So I’ve installed the latest update 8.0.10 and all my problems seem to have evaporated into thin air :smiley:

the key editor is now usable…CP8 remembers where it was when I saved it…I don’t get 3 snow white screens for around 5 seconds while it thinks about opening (and sometimes doesn’t bother to open)… my metronome is usable…render in place works without deleting the source (it would delete the source regardless of the setting)
there is more but don’t wanna bore everyone…
I just knew it wasn’t my system :sunglasses: after a clean install of everything and 7.5 working perfectly how could it be…

still got the daft floating menu bar with the even dafter clouds around the words… :unamused:

hope this cures stuff for everyone as it has for me…

best, Kevin


i sometimes wonder if some people get most of their kicks from the program not working correctly . :stuck_out_tongue:

well I certainly don’t…just dead chuffed I can use CP8 now…the render in place is effing awesome and I love the pad thingy…for some weird reason every time I tried to use it CP8 stopped working but now it’s ok…go figure :confused:

best, Kevin

Now’s the time to back up your (working) system Kevin…just sayin’ ! :slight_smile:

Now’s the time to back up your (working) system Kevin…just sayin’ ! :slight_smile:[/quote]
and yer dead right Paul… :exclamation:
gotta go to Frankfurt tomorrow…soon as I’m back I’m on it…thanks for the reminder…Kevin