Hallion 3se to 6full which upgrade do we qualify for.?

I was kicking the idea around of upgrading Nuendo 10’s Hallion 3se to the full version 6. So do I select from version 3se and pay $150? Or do I need to purchase the full version.?

As clearly stated on the Shop page, Halion Sonic SE 3 does not qualify for upgrading to Halion 6 or Halion Sonic 3 (full). Which makes sense, since HSSE3 is free…

However, for Halion 6 there’s a crossgrade option that is valid for crossgrading from Kontakt / Komplete, Falcon, Machfive or Omnisphere.
If you don’t have any of those instruments you need to pay full price for either Halion 6 or Halion Sonic 3 (full).

If you buy Halion Sonic 3 (full), then you can upgrade from that to Halion 6 later, if you need a full-blown sampler or sound design system at a later stage. H6 also includes HS3.

You can compare these here:

Funny, I don’t recall seeing that line “NOT FROM HALLION 3se” ON the purchase page the other day which is why I asked. Must be going blind I guess. But yes it does make sense. I was just hoping N10 guys got a special on it… ha ha …

Thanks for the info.