hallion sonic se crashes in cubase Artist 9

Hi, I have a problem in Cubase Artist 9. When I want to open Halion Sonic SE in a track, it will not load. It shows the following warning: ‘An exeption occured. Save your work and restart the application. The execption was thrown because of the plug in: HALion Sonc SE controller’…

I have installed the latest update of CBase and HSE. The ‘standalone version of HSE’ works well. The one in CB does not ;-((

I also updated the USB licence controller.

It works on Windows 10, 64bit and with an USB controller on a Laptop (Dell XPS 15). I don’t know anymore how to solve and I couldn’t find similar problems/solution.
It didn’t work after several new computerstarts.

Thanks in advance, regards Ton
crash Cubase HSE.JPG

I had this problem (though I’m not sure the error message was exactly the same) with Halion ( & Sonic SE ) and my Dell XPS 17. In the end I cured it by disabling the NVIDIA video drivers (The PC had both NVIDIA and Intel Graphics drivers. I’d previously tried updating and rolling them back to no avail.

Hi @Planarchist, thnx for your reply. However before the update to 0.40 it worked fine. The standalone HSE3 is working well!?. I have read some problems on this forum, but I have not found one with a solution.
One solution I’ve read was to remove HSE3 and reïnstall it. But I don’t know if Cubase Artist 9 used his ‘own’ HSE3 of uses the ‘free and standalone HSE3’?
Grtz. Ton

Mine was fine before the .40 update too.

There have been quite a few NVIDIA issues that you wouldn’t at first think cold be related to a video driver. Yours may be a different issue but it takes very little time to find out (firs check if your XPS has both NVIDIA & Intel drivers). I checked it as the cause on mine by re-enabling the NVIDIA drivers and the problem came back.

Thanks @planarchist for your time and help, it doesn’t help either. I have made a ticket for the helpdesk, Unfortunately I have to wait now several weeks (grrr). Luckily on my desktop all is OK. Regards, Ton.