Hallion Sounds

Hello, i am having problems in getting back the original instrument sound that i used at the start of a project. I somehow ! by error changed the instrument and it went to the default Piano, i went into Play mode and then into edit Hallion SE and could not find the instrument i started with ( Ukulele ) or some of the other ones in the original List at the start of the project ( Various Lutes etc ) how do i find them ?? Thanks…

If you want to change sounds directly in the HALion Sonic SE plug-in, please take a look at e.g. this video.

Maybe you could try going back to Setup Mode, and re-assign the instrument for the player (left column, click the >)? Normally, that should also re-establish the correct default sound set etc. for the instrument, as if you started from scratch. The music you already entered for it will be preserved (but re-notated if necessary).
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Thanks, That seemed to work ! the main problem i had was that the Fretted Instruments section at the start of a new project , which has a variety of Lutes,Theorbo, Ukulele etc didn’t seem to be in the menu of the Hallion SE !