[HALLY-5466]Halion Sonic SE Out of Tune

mod edit: [see repro below http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=63660#p380856]

Many of the sounds in Halion Sonic SE are out of tune, specifically the Fretless Bass sound. And I don’t mean that they’re just a little out of tune, it sounds really bad. Is there any way to tune these sounds, without having to do some crazy workaround like exporting them to audio and then bringing them back into the project, and then tuning the audio with Variaudio?



Oh and the this happens specifically when the samples are at lower octaves.

What you’re saying is not specific enough to troubleshoot. What notes are out of tune, and by how much exactly? There are two fretless bass patches, (3 incliding the FX one) to which are you referring?

The fact you said it sounds worse in the lower octaves makes me think what you are hearing is the slightly out of tune upper partials of the note, like on the lowest octave of a piano, where the fundmental is harder to hear.

A sound engineer will know more, my perspective is as a mainly acoustic musician.

Load the standard Fretless Bass or Fretless Bass VX, kill all effects. Insert Melda’s free MTuner on the track. I suggest the Melda device as Steinberg’s Tuner is useless attempting to read lower octaves.

You will clearly see that the OP’s issue has merit concerning the fundamental tones.

Thanks for the repro. Moved to Issue Reports.

As I see it now (since this thread has been moved to “Issue Reports”) that there are now two issues involved.

  1. The tuning of various Fretless Bass notes (and this regards the sustaining portions, after the initial attacks).
  2. The Tuner plug-in…appears to be incapable of reading bass notes somewhere below C2.

Well, let’s have one issue per topic. This one will be about the out of tune fretless bass.

Oh, and this doesn’t just happen with base notes, I think it also happens with some of the other samples as well. Whoever recorded the samples certainly wasn’t a musician, or if they were, they didn’t care about what they were doing and were hurrying to try to get the job done.

Nice to see that someone else has reacted to this, so that it’s not me that’s crazy.

I painted a bass track using the Dry Finger Bass, and recorded some chords on my electric guitar. When I listen to it, something is terribly off. My first reaction was that it’s of course my guitar that hasn’t been tuned since… well actually just the other day… After listening closer I identified the D2 note of the bass being off key quite a bit.

I’m experiencing the same problems with out of tune base samples with Halion se. Has anyone learned of a fix for this? I thought I was going tone deaf. I tried to adjust the tuning but cant get it spot on, the best I can make it is at 442.5

Does setting the HMT (Hermode Tuning) in the project setup to something like Reference change this issue?

Hello all,

So, I’m cleaning up the collected issues forum and i’m going to be blunt and post the exact current status of each one of this updates starting by this one.

Issue: Closed
Reason: There will be no fix for this “old” presets, because it would also mean that existing projects will sound different afterwards.

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