[HALLY-6639] Crash reloading cpr with Groove Agent 4

I also experience crashes with Groove Agent 4.

Can you please perform a simple test for me:

  1. Create new project and load a preset on GA4
  2. Save project
  3. Without closing Cubase reopen the same project
  4. In my case GA instrument track comes up empty and when you try to load GA4 manually crashes every time 100% percent of the times.

Maybe the problem is related to yours.

When I follow the reproducible steps it all works as expected. So maybe there’s a variable.
You are using GA on an instrument track?
Does it matter which preset is loaded and if so what preset did you use?
Are you saving the project with a closed GA4 GUI or openend?


I split this one from the original thread as I had another case like this and have reported it already.

Reference HALLY-6639 “Cubase 8.5.20 crash when reloading cpr with Groove Agent 4”