Halon - Reloading Instruments?


I accidentally loaded a SOLO violin player when really I wanted a Violin 1 section.

Is there a way of reloading this is Halion?

I have tried it many times to delete the SOLO player and parts in SET UP mode and started that instrument by scratch.

I then went to load up my new Violin section, but I am not getting any play back and its seems to have got stuck loading" the sample…

I have spent quite a few hours trouble shooting this issue so decided I needed a helping hand!

Thank you, anyone out there…


First, make a backup copy of your project in case something goes more wrong.
Then, have you tried going to Play Mode and then choosing from the main menu Play > Apply Default Playback Template?

What a gem of an instruction… No. I had not tried that…
YES… it worked… I am so relieved and grateful!

I will remember that tip if it happens next time… THANK YOU for sparing any further hours trying to problem solve that one… Again, I would have never had arrived at that myself…


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: