HAlsonic SE 3 and Groove Agent SE 5 Content not found

After installing Dorico 5.0.2, restarting my machine, and then opening Dorico 5, I get this error message:

An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found.
Please run Steinberg Download Assistant and install the following:
HAlsonic SE 3 - Content
Groove Agent SE 5 - Content
This occurred after I installed Dorico 5.0.2 and restarted my machine.

I opened Download Assistant and Clicked “Install again” and when I open Dorico, it still can’t find it.
I tried again and restarted my machine to see if that would work and unfortunately have the same result.

I then opened Steinberg Library Manager and I see HAlsonic content and Groove Agent content, but without version designation.


Window 11 OS

Did you reinstall Dorico or the HALion/Groove Agent contents packages?

I would try to install again the in the alert box mentioned 2 contents packages.

Yes, I did reinstall the 2 packages.

I have not tried reinstalling Dorico however.

Reinstalling Dorico won’t help here.

If you open the Steinberg Library Manager, what contents packages does it show as installed?

I would also try to run the Steinberg Download Assistant with administrator rights, and then do a reinstallation of the contents packages.

The Library shows both HALonic SE and Groove Agent SE, but without version distinctions. One problem might be that just after installing the Dorico update, I uninstalled Dorico 4. The registry for the Library might have become corrupted. This is at my work computer, not home. Will try as administrator Monday.