Halting playback on Samsung A71

Cubasis 3.3 was running very well but suddenly playback of even the most basic project (single track midi) is very stop-start: plays for a split second, pauses for a split second, repeat… There are no special steps that are needed to cause this, it’s just what the software does now.

The DSP meter is never above 20%. I’ve tried restarting, reinstalling, charging my phone, resetting app settings, deleting all recordings and starting afresh with a new project. I’ve also toggled latency settings and audio waveform quality, and disabled power optimisation of the Cubasis app.

This used to work fine! I’m completely at a loss. Any ideas?

Currently running Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy A71. Cubasis version 3.3.1.

Thanks in advance

Hi @TMS,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
We are sorry to read about your issues.

While you already checked several things, please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis 3 for Android Performance Issues article, to see if it is of help to resolve your current problems.

Hope it does!