Haltion 5 License for Halion 6

Hello -

I just updated my Halion 5 to 6 with Holiday discount however I do not wish to install 6 until I get a new machine. On my old machine, I’d like to continue to run Halion 5 however when I reached out to support (USA) they were unable to issue me a Halion 5 license.

USA Support says they do not have access to these licenses.

Where can I obtain a legacy key to keep my Halion 5 working?


You already have it. Steinberg licenses for products like Cubase and Halion always let you run earlier versions. Your Halion 6 license lets you run Halion 5 (or 4 or 3 or…)

I think this is not true for Halion. Don’t know the technical reasons for this but once you update the license to Halion 6 it won’t work with older versions.

From the FAQ
If you need a separate HALion 5 license to use the 32-bit HALion 5 on a separate system, please get in touch with the support via MySteinberg. They will provide you with a dedicated HALion 5 add-on license that can be used in parallel to your HALion 6. It won’t be possible on the same system though, since HALion 6 replaces the HALion 5 application. The HALion 5 Add-on license is a USB-eLicenser license and will also cover previous licenses like HALion 4 and HALion 3.**

I assumed this applied to both platforms - I’m on MAC. Is this 32bit thing only a PC issue? I need to figure it out before I update the license on my USB.

Yes, it does.

So it sounds like Steinberg is no longer offering what they advertise in regards to Halion 6. Maybe they need to change the FAQ.

This is what tech support sent me :

I do apologize but we are no longer able to provide Halion 5 codes in these situations. We simply do not have access to them. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Technical Support Specialist
Steinberg US Support