Halving a piece

I’m trying to convert the following piece from 10/4 to 10/8.
when trying to reduce the duration via Alt+Shift+left arrow, the results are horrible.
any ideas?
thanks, Ariel

Hi, Ariel.

Daniel gave us the information that cmd-alt-shift left or right arrow should halve or double rhythmic values. We noticed that this did not work on our versions of Dorico, but he told us that on the development build he’s working on, it does work. I guess you will have to wait for the next update to get your hands on that function…
Here, the link to the other thread :https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=115842
Have you really searched before posting ? :wink:

Sorry I couldn’t help here.

Hello, Marc,
thanks for your update.
you caught me though, as I really haven’t searched this time (as I usually do!) :blush: