Halving durations

Is there a way to halve the written durations of the notes, but retain their relative positions to each other in time?

My scenario is that I have a piece that I originally wrote at 160bpm with a half time feel, and I want to convert the entire thing to 80bpm but essentially it still sound/play exactly the same. Whilst I’d thought it might be helpful for the players written out the original way, turns out I was wrong!

Use insert mode. Beware: it’s easy when no tuplets are involved. Otherwise… Take your time!

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AHA, plenty of triplets otherwise.

I did try a select all → halve durations with insert mode on, but, well, it’s still thinking about it as we speak…

Ok, it’s finished now, funnily enough it’s not the triplets that have killed it, but repeats and first/second time bars.

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