Halving the tempo BPM without changing anything else

Hello, I’ve just joined Steinberg Forums a minute ago, but started with Cubase 10.5 several months ago. I like to compose with a very fast click track but I now realize I need to half the tempo. At the moment I am working on project with about 80 or so audio and midi files and am on my 99th “save as”. Can I half the tempo without changing anything, anything at all, same speed exactly? Could the Signature track accomplish this? or the Logical Editor? There must be a relatively easy way, just half as many beats in the exact same places as every second beat previously. Instead of 300 BPM, I would prefer 150 (or even 75 BPM), without any other change whatsoever, if possible.
Thank you, David

Hi and welcome,

Make sure no Audio event is in the Musical mode. And make sure no track is set to the Musical Time Base.

Cross your fingers and change the tempo. All should stay as it is.

Thank you very much Martin for your help. I’m in the middle of orchestrating a problem passage (and then I have to pop out of town for a couple of days) so I will go through all the tracks next week to make sure they abide by your suggestions and report back!