Hammersmith Pro playback template

What playback template should I use for the Hammersmith Pro piano, a Kontack instrument? This is all I see in my installation:


And while here, I see posts referencing the ‘default playback template’. What is that?

The default playback template is the one selected in Preferences >Playback >Default playback template :wink:

@MarcLarcher Oh I see.

But what to use for Kontakt instruments? That question still stands.

You will have to create one, or find one that someone else has made.

A Playback template defines what VSTs (with their samples and settings) are assigned to which instruments; and what Expression map each one uses.

@benwiggy I see. Thanks! That’s not so hard. I think I can use the default expression map with this instrument, so problem solved.

If you haven’t already watched John Barron’s instructional video about making Ex maps, endpoints and templates, it’s worth doing.

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