Hammond Eggs

Hi folks,

Heres a quicky i made with my Nord Stage Classic and Cubase Artist 6. Have been very busy with other things recently so am just starting to get back into learning Cubase again…

Ham&Eggs…mp3 (723 KB)

Like it…I don’t normally complain that a track is too short…but I am now…Kevin

Thats because the secret is to leave the listener wanting MORE !! :mrgreen:

No, it is too short. It’s just the first couple bars of a song. The sound is good.

The objective was more about (me) practicing using the recording facilities on Cubase, than it was seeking feedback regarding the composition/performance itself. i thought that this aspect was what the thread ‘Made With Cubase’ was about. But maybe i am wrong and its for receiving all round feedback about anything and everything to do with the submission(s).