Hand Clap sound (as an example)


Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.
I need to add a hand clap sound to a score. I found “Hand Clap” in the list of instruments, which gives me a single-line staff (great) but - no sound. I do have a hand clap sound mapped to one of the pitches in the Halion Sonic SE “Percussion” set - but after mapping the “Hand clap” instrument to the percussion set (through Play mode), I couldn’t find how to map my hand clap instrument to the specific pitch representing hand claps in the set, and kept getting the wrong sound.

So what I’m asking is:

  1. Why wasn’t the hand-clap sound mapped to the hand-clap instrument by default (this applies to other sounds which seem currently unmapped)?
  2. How do I map a single-line (unpitched) instrument to a specific pitch in a VST instrument?



Update: was able to make the default hand clap sound work by Choosing Play->Apply Default Playback Template.