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I can’t find the hand clap sound in the instruments in Halion for Dorico. I checked in percussion but don’t see it anywhere. I know it’s supposed to be available. And in set-up, I can’t find how to name a voice as hand clap. The other answers to questions about hand clap aren’t this basic.

I just loaded Hand Claps in Setup mode, and it produces a one-line staff that plays back as one would expect. What other challenges do you face?

I’ve been able to do that, but I can’t find the actual sound to attach to it. Thanks!

I don’t think Derrek even bothered at all with the sounds! That is what playback templates are for.
Choose your playback template (here, HSO+HSSE) in Play mode, Play menu. Apply it. Create your players with the instruments you choose. Dorico will load the vsti to play it back for you. Don’t mess with the vsti manually or you will override Dorico, and the program won’t help you further (which is useful when you really know how it works and you know why you’ve been tweaking things manually!)

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Thanks, Marc! I may just drop the idea of including hand claps in my score. The next time I create a score from scratch, I’ll try doing it in Play mode as you suggest.

My scores are all for acappella doo-wop, and I set up with Lead, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. Then I go into play mode and assign instruments to them (something distinctive for the lead, like trumpet) and piano for everyone else. This is strictly to help them learn their parts.

I’m using the basic Halion Sonic SE, and I think the problem is that this is a file I imported as an mxl from an old Sibelius score. Dorico thinks the hand clap sound is clarinet, although it looks correct on that staff. When I go into play mode in Dorico and try to change the instrument, and I look at all instruments available, there’s nothing with hand clap anywhere.

I can live with putting in maybe just some drum sound, or just delete that staff and leave the claps out of the score. It was kind of snazzy to have, but I really don’t need it.

I didn’t have any trouble assigning instrument sounds to the singers.

There’s always been a technical problem with the Buddhist “sound of one hand clapping”!

That’s because you probably skipped the part where you need to assign a percussion map to the kit which contains your Percussions (step that Dorico fills for you when you apply a playback template!

There might be more, but a hand clap can be found in any of the General MIDI drum kits in the HALion Sonic SE Basic library on MIDI note 39 (D#1).

General MIDI Drum Note Numbers | Sound Programming

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