Hand-drawn lines in key editor need smoothing

I’m hand-drawing tempo changes in the Dorico 5.0 key editor because it’s convenient relative to using the clumsy line-editing tool. But it makes a horrible mess of data… hundreds of data points for a simple curve. In Ableton (and most drawing tools) there’s logic to simplify the curve. Anything like that in Dorico? Or is there a way to use the line editor which makes it less awkward? I.e. it seems impossible to change the slope of a line once it’s laid down, and impossible to add line segments which connect cleanly to previous segments unless you go very slowly with the mouse and zoom in.

Are you on a Mac? Theres an issue with click detection and the trackpads. If you disable „tap to click“ many are solved.

Similar things can happen if you drawing lines.

Dorico doesn’t provide any curve tools or tools to simplify freehand points at the present time, but these are things we would like to add in future.

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I’m on Windows mainly. I also have Dorico on the Mac but that’s not where this question arose :slight_smile:

Thanks dspreadbury. So is there a way to manipulate straight lines – i.e. change them after they’re drawn? It seems to be one-and-done: either you get it right the first time, or you have to delete and try again?

You can use the select tool to move any existing points, so you should be able to edit existing lines with no problems.

Yes, I can select. But the only kind of movement available is “the entire line slides vertically” or “the entire line slides horizontally.” I cannot (for example) drag the starting point to the left or right without moving the entire line along the rhythm grid. I’ve tried holding Alt, Shift, Ctrl in various combinations to modify the selection or drag behavior. But the current behavior is just not useful, it’s easier to create multiple tempo markings per measure in notation.

If you’re in the dynamics editor, and you’re editing a green region that corresponds to a printed dynamic, then when you move the first (larger) handle you’ll move the entire group. Otherwise, for normal blue regions you should be able to move either end independently.