Hand tool in Setup mode

Shouldn’t it be possible to use the “Hand tool” to pan the page in Setup mode?
(Or with Ctrl-Shift added if Marquee Select Tool is selected)
I can enable the Hand tool in the “View” menu, and it’s not grayed out there, but it seems to have no effect.
Zooming, by Ctrl-MouseScroll, still works consistently as in the other modes.

I often use the split view in Setup mode to compare two layouts,
and it would be handy to not be forced to use the scroll bar to pan here.
(or MouseScroll / Alt-MouseScroll to pan which also still works as in the other modes).

As a minor comment maybe more things should be “grayed out” in Setup mode,
for example, it is possible to right-click to get the context menu,
and you can still do some of the actions (if for example notes are first selected in Write mode).

Yes, maybe I’m a bit picky :slight_smile:

Couldnt you just use Write mode to compare layouts? Thats what I do.

Yes, true, that’s possible - but this was just an example.

The pan/hand-tool thing is just a bit inconsistent in Write mode, and I think that feature is very easy to implement.

What I love about Dorico is that it is so easy to work with and otherwise very consistent,
in fact I think it’s the most elegantly architectured and implemented software I have seen so far.

The last thing I wrote was about that it is possible to edit notes etc in Setup mode,
and I don’t think it was meant to be that way.
I see the Setup mode as a “read-only”/preview mode for making adjustments to the basic layout etc.

I also would like the hand tool to work in Setup mode—it disrupted me in the past when it didn’t do anything. +1

I also would like like the hand tool to work in Setup mode +1