Hand Tool on middle mouse button


is there anyway to bind the hand tool to the middle mouse button, so I don’t have to switch between marquee and hand tool all the time with H? My Workflow is typing in the notelenghts with the numpad and then enter them via MIDI keyobard, so my hand is closer to the mouse than to H, also I have to search on the keyboard for H.
If there isn’t any option, could you please implement it? The middle mouse has no use anyways afaik.

You should find that this works already in the Dorico 1.0.10 update, as it was something we implemented in this update for consistency with Cubase.

Pressing SHIFT will toggle between those tools temporarily (if the marquee is your default, it will switch to hand tool for as long you keep the shift key down) I find that quite useful…

Thanks, that really helps!