Handbells playback incorrect

Handbells sound an octave higher than written, but Dorico plays them back at written pitch.

I’m adjusting the pitch 12 half steps up in Kontakt, so it’s easily fixed, but just passing it along.

PS: using this and loving it. Noisefirm Handbell - Noisefirm

You can change that yourself if you feel like editing your instruments.xml instead of doing it in Kontakt.

Thanks. Not sure I feel comfortable with changing the XML! It’s easy to modify the Kontakt player, just letting the team know for the future.


Which Kontakt package/library contains the handbells you are using?

The one Dan linked to?

Thank you. I was hoping it would be included with the Kontakt package. (Shucks!)

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll fix the transposition in a future update.