handle different voices

how can I efficiently handle different voices in one staff, easily changing between them doesn’t work, when I e.g. want to change from one to another voice, I can only switch between voice 3 and 4.
Are there more voices available. Guitar notation needs 6 voices sometimes.
Thanks a lot.

Dorico can handle an unlimited number of voices on each staff: type Shift+V to start a new voice, and type V to cycle through the voices you have already started. You might also find it useful to switch on View > Note Colours > Voice Colors to see which voices are currently in use.

so I gave in three voices , 1. first. 2. second voice. 3. third voice. Nice colors. Then I want to proceed with voice nr 1,
thats not possible :shift and V switches between voice 2 and 3 only. doesn’t matter what form caret has.

don’t hold Shift to switch between existing voices, only key V. The caret will show a little indicator (which looks like a crotchet note) with an up or down stem respectively, and a number next to it if it is not the first voice with that direction.

How do you turn voices off. For example if I have 2 voices in bar 1…voice 1 (stems up) voice 2 (stems down). If I go to bar 2 and have just one voice, the other voice leaves a rest. How do I get rid of the rest in voice 2?


If you want to know how to hide rests in additional voices, please read the FAQ.