Handwritten note entry (like StaffPad) ?

I realize this question reaches well beyond the challenges of getting the first release out the door. I am just interested to know how much thought, if any, has been given to evolving to the point where scores can be entered “by hand” with stylus and pad, such as is done with the StaffPad application.

My view is that StaffPad is mostly a proof of concept. In its current state, it is a bit too tedious for me to be productive with it. Moreover, it doesn’t have any commonality with the “bigger” notation apps, so any attempt to start in StaffPad and later import into Dorico (or anything else) would involve a lot of wasted effort.

But such an entry mode could certainly be integrated into Dorico (or any other notation program). I can easily envision a system where the music can be entered via stylus, and transformed into well-engraved music through the rules engine that is inherent in Dorico. I believe that would be a major breakthrough, especially in terms of productivity.