Handy Recorder

To whom it may concern,
I purchased an H4n Handy Recorder & Need to download using my Access codes.
I have registered & Downloaded “Cubase Elements 10.5 Trial version”, but I’m sure this is wrong because you have E-mailed me a new Access Codes to apply.
I already have Access codes for full Version of Cubase LE & full Version of WaveLab LE .

So when your E-Mail was sent to me I was so frustrated that I download “Cubase Elements 10.5 Trial version” on my PC.

Should I cancel what I downloaded?

I would prefer not to pay for this so please advise me what to do.
Thank you. :frowning:

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Elements and Cubase LE shares the same installer and executable. So with Cubase Elements installer, you install even your Cubase LE. Just the license decides if you will start Cubase Elements or Cubase LE.