Handy Tip: Controlling Instrument Expressions via MIDI CC (Using Generic Remote)

I’ve been setting up a map for an Atom SQ controller with Cubase tonight, and was trying to find a way of Key switching on a small device without having to octave up/down.

Anyway, Found out this nice little tip for anyone interested.

In the generic remote mapping there’s an entry which will be available if you have an instrument loaded. You select the following items:

Device: VST Mixer
Channel: Selected
Value/Action: MIDI Channel > VST Expression
(As yellow highlighted in image)

Now what that allows you to do is to be able to scroll through the selected expressions as you turn the mapped control.

I’ve currently got it mapped to the touchstrip of the Atom (which is just above the keys) and it’s working great. Being a touchpad (0-127) you can also flick straight to specific expressions, for small maps you can quickly articulate on the move very easily.

I’ve tried some of the HALion ‘vx’ presets, and Kontakt’s Electric Sunburst. I Was able to select, and record movements - so all works well.

It is especially pleasing to find something like this is possible on a small device, as it only takes up one control too! So, a nice little bonus to uncover this, Thought I’d share it if anyone stumbles on this now, or in the future.


Great tip! - Always happy to see some geeking out on remote control.

Thanks for sharing!

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