Hang Drum.

Hello all.

Does anyone know of a good Hang Drum sample library?


Huge :slight_smile: x

Buy one. Record it with Cubase. Flog it. Use the samples and then flog them. Every way a winner.

Or, Conman forgot to say, throw away your computer and practice playing those good old real instruments. You don’t ask for a bone drums VSTi or a stonehenge foot stomping VSTi, do ya? :smiley:

You might want to check google instead:


this might be something for you.

And you’re lucky: for the next four days Soniccouture have 40% off…
And their products are of outstanding quality

I have that library and yes it is very good!

8dio has one. 60 bucks, too. Can’t really beat that price. I love love love 8dio. Superb products, and they use Kontakt.