Hang on Exit - Need someone technically minded

So, i recently reinstalled windows (10) and have everything running absolutely fine except for one nagging issue in Cubase 8.5.30

Basically, if i have a project open for a while AND have been playing the track, it will take ages to close (as in close the project, not just Cubase).

It appears that the length of time it takes to close is related to how many times the track has been played. If i open the project and close it, it closes quickly and as you would expect.

I tested this by simply opening the project and leaving it playing on a loop for ages and if it has been played for a while, it takes longer to close. If i have been editing and playing it for hours, the close project time is HUGE (waited nearly an hour once and just gave up and ended the process).

When it does hang on closing i can see the cause of the issue (kind of, in computer speak) as the resource monitor says that one thread is being used at 100% constantly and the wait chain in the resource monitor for Cubase says it is waiting for one thread (a specific number as well which appears to be the same numbered thread each time…)

So, what on earth is causing this? It is very annoying, but surely someone (a developer for example) could make a reasonable guess at what is causing this behaviour.

Things to note:

I have never had a crash message - presumably at all times it will eventually close itself.

This isn’t it crashing on closing as i could open projects and close them straight away all day without issue (its only when the project has been worked on for a while).

I assume it is nothing to do with my midi keyboard or audio interface due to the very specific conditions that the problem occurs.

It would appear it is related to Kontakt as i have not had this in projects that are purely audio (no vsts) or in projects with just vienna instruments. This happened in projects with Kontakt and lost of mainly Symphobia vsts loaded.

I have not had one single other issue or crash.

All drivers and versions of software are up to date.

Have you tried temporarily renaming your File Prefs folder? It seems unlikely that it’s a prefs problem if it’s a newly installed version of the software but sometimes corrupted preferences can cause weird problems. If you have older versions of Cubase installed too then you should move all these prefs folders too.

Yes, i have tried that. I feel like i have tried everything.

The fact it only does it after it has been played on a loop for a while (this could be with no editing whatsoever) surely points to something though.

For example i can load the project and the close it straight away and it will close perfectly.

If i load the project and play it on a loop for about 20 minutes it will then hang on exit and takes ages to close. Also, the more it is played, the longer it takes to close!

Hmmm, a strange one. I know I used to have some long delays on closing with 8 and 8.5 but can’t say for sure it varied with how long something had been played. I’ll load up something on 8.5.30 later on, leave it playing and see what happens…