Hang on in there Nile !!!!!


Nile Rogers, one of the most Talented musicians on the planet is really not very well.

Hang in there Nile!!!

This should be a lesson to eveyone,but especially guys ,on the importance of getting check ups. I didn’t see any reference to what kind of cancer he had but in saying they opted for removal it sounds like prostate. Early detectionon this makes a world of difference

Do it: don’t put it off. I know what I’m talking about. Its unpleasant but worth it

Do it: don’t put it off. I know what I’m talking about. Its unpleasant but worth it

My father had his prostate removed about a year ago, recently I was, lets say having some pains downstairs.

Hmm, well, after reading that I thought I might as well say, as I guess the reason most men freak out about these things is MAN problems are never talked about! Theres always an advert for breast cancer on TV (not knocking that) but I think ive only seen in my life time, one advert for testicular cancer on TV (and that was the Robbie Williams one I believe?..years ago!)

Anyway, a few months back I had some nasty pains in my 2 veg, I put up with it for 2 weeks (typical guy thinking it will all go away on its own) well, it didnt and the pains got worse, my lower back became very painful and had a lot of discomfort what seemed to be coming from below my bladder area.
In the end I took a deep breath and went to the docs. Had my front area and veg checked and all was normal, the doc gave me some pills and off I went. Another 2 weeks went by but I still wasnt right. As my father had prostate cancer he adviced me to go have mine checked, so, another deep breath and in I went for the check up.

I agree with whats been said, its not pleasant, but it ‘doesnt’ last long!
What I would say though is, dont go and have it done when you are constipated!! :open_mouth: (as i did :cry: :laughing: )
The really funny thing was, while the doc was examining me he told me to breath through my mouth… :confused: :confused: :confused::neutral_face::laughing: (I coulda broken a finger there and then! :laughing: )

Seriously though, if or when the need for a check up comes, just GO, a couple of minutes of your social life is all it takes.

Ok, maybe too much info there for a music forum, but with some of the resent posts lately, ya gotta step back for a second and remember we’re not here for long…but while we’re here, enjoy it and make it last as long as possible…dont let a little thing like embaressement get in your way! :wink:

Best of health to all

Just adding my voice to the ‘get yourself checked’ chant here

And add… check yourself! Particularly you younger guys, check out those crown jewels regularly.

Not many people know that the commonest form of testicular cancer occurs in young men.

I happen to know a lot about this because I am a particularly unusual case, having been diagnosed with it a year and a half ago in my early fifties. I was dead lucky. I got a hernia while doing some home improvement, lifting a particularly heavy wall cupboard into place. While my GP examined me for that he discovered this other ‘anomaly’ and sent me to a specialist that day.

Within 2 weeks I was on an operating table, and a month later I was going for a single cycle of fairly brutal chemo. I thank God, the surgeon and a particularly observant GP that I have tested clear for 18 months now.

So guys… Check those nuts!