Hang setting meter with a pick-up bar on a new project

I was creating a new project on iPad. (Pro 12.9", M1, iOS 16.1) The project was created as empty, then added a Choir SATB player. I has 3/4 time with a 1 beat pickup. So I used the pallet to set the time signature to 3/4, checked the “Pick-up bar of:” checkbox, then tapped the menu to select 1 beat (instead of the 1/2 default). At this point, Dorico would hang without displaying the menu, every single time I tried.

I tried creating another new project, force quitting Dorico, and even restarting the iPad. The only way I was able to continue was to to use the shift-B popover to use the text entry method.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into this problem. It’s caused by a bug in the underlying Qt application framework that affects only some models of iPad. We have a fix for this coming in the next Dorico for iPad update, which is due to arrive alongside the next Dorico desktop update. If you would like to try it out ahead of time, send me a private message here on the forum with your Apple ID email address, and I’ll send you an invitation via TestFlight.

Thanks for letting me know what’s going on. I appreciate it.

I have a workaround, so I can wait for its release.

Thanks again!