Hang When Launching: Initializing Video File Handling


I decided to give Cubase Pro 8 another look after my previous attempts a month or so were fairly abortive.

Current problem is that I can’t actually get it to load. It hangs on the splash screen saying:

Initializing: Video File Handling

Any thoughts? Version is latest: 8.0.5 - 64bit, PC Win7 64bit (16 Xeon cores, 128GB Ram).

Thanks for any help.


Try to disable vdm driver if you are using rme audio. I had the same problem. I had also to reinstal audio card completly. Now is everything ok.

Or disable any possible windows sound outputs.

Thanks Zibelnik

I uninstalled and then reinstalled my MOTU PCIe-424 driver and after a restart was able to launch Cubase.

However, I am now having issues whenever I launch the MOTU control panel from within Cubase->Device Setup. See the thread below:


Maybe me and Cubase 8 were never meant to be. Cubase 7.5 and Nuendo 7.5 work great, but Cubase 8 is so flaky here it’s just not funny … or usable. I keep trying to give it another go, but each time something crops up that causes more problems.

I just hope they don’t use this same code base for the next Nuendo upgrade.


would be great if they provided a “classic mode” version with the new features. even the gui design looks cheap compared to previous versions.

thank you so much for the final 7.5.40 update. now i can stay with a stable version. i may try 8.5.50 again in 2 years.
i will never again be a paying beta tester.