Hanging Crash on Boot - Licence for application Voxengo...

I have searched for a similar post but have not found one, so please forgive me if I am duplicating.
Screen shot is attached which is followed by the spinning beach ball of death.
I have tried to open the file from a blank Cubase doc using “open” command, no change.
Thank you kindly
Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 1.20.54 PM.jpg

Hi and welcome,

Please make sure the very latest eLCC update is installed. And run the Maintenance in the eLCC.

Hi Martin, thank you for answering. I ran the update yesterday and made sure that it was updated. I will have another look to make sure I ran the maintenance also. But I’m pretty sure I have. Perhaps these are one and the same

Martin! Genius. Thank you. I ran the maintenance again and it solved.
I am grateful to you.