Hanging note update


Do you guys have any idea when an update will be available to fix the “stuck note” issues? I’m trying to be as patient as possible, but it stings a little when the money left my wallet and I can’t properly use what I paid for.

Thanks for your concern!


I received today a Halion Sonic 1.5.1 pre update from Steinberg.

The bug is at last solved, HALION Sonic rocks!

So please contact the Steinberg Support.



I can confirm that the Hanging note problem was solved on my system thanks to this pre-update thanks to Gerrit Junge.

One Love


So I’m now the only one still having this problem? I’m also on the pre-released version of 1.5.1. Yesterday hanging notes appeared out of the blue 15 minutes into a working session. As long as the the sequencer was running, my bass track got hanging notes. Once I stopped the sequencer it went back to normal behavior. After searching for errors for quite a while I closed and reopened the project and it was working normal the rest of the evening.

So there is a pre-release 1.5.1 available to fix the stuck notes issue - does this require an individual request to Steinberg Support?


FYI-Put in a request for the “stuck note” update, but recieved a reply that the update is not yet available in the U.S., but “should be available” in a couple of weeks. :confused:

Hi again people-Put in another request for info on the “stuck note” update, supposedly 1.5.1. The word I got was “when another update to HALion Sonic comes out it will be released globally”. No time frame or even indication that it is being worked on was given. :confused:

Thank you Stieny! Installed update without problems and all seems to work fine now. VERY nice to see support actually is concerned about us and thier products. :smiley: