Hanging notes across MIDI devices and VSTs after Cubase 12 Pro Upgrade

Hi Guys,
started having issue with 1 note hanging across multiple VSTs and different MIDI controllers, any ideas on how to troubleshoot or has anyone had a similar problem?
Note 1;
It also stays on even when changing patches on VSTs, doesn’t matter the plugin, so if I’m play strings, longs (articulation) and switch to a short, pizz or spiccato, it keeps playing on longs, that also happens with mono synths…
Note 2:
Also, just tested some things, Retrospective MIDI recording is also not working. Any ideas?

Okay, not sure why I can’t keep editing the previous post, but anyways.
Note 3:
Midi Monitor doesn’t record the note off: (C#3)

But overall MIDI View, does: (C#3)

So the issues is definitely in Cubase… somewhere…