Hanging notes in Cubase 8.5 when over one notes are used

After I installed the Absolute VST collection, I’ve been getting stuck (hanging) notes when I press two or more notes simultaneously. Some “note off” midi signals seem not to be getting through. I had this problem on Cubase Artist 8 and it persisted when I upgraded to Cubase Artist 8.5.
How can we fix this?
Thank you

After one week with c 8.5 I got the same error yesterday. Midi Notes hang. When I then click on the channel it stops.

Does this happen only on specific VSTi’s ?

No, it happens on all of them. However I did notice this after I installed the Absolute VST collection. This might not be a coincidence.
I am using windows 10.

It seems to happen on every synth


Had this problem too with Cubase Pro 8.5 (Win7 32 bit).
I had the Midi In set to “All Midi Inputs” at the channel with an instrument loaded. When I changed it to one specific input there were no hanging notes anymore.
Try this.


Thank you rhythmaster
However this didn’t work in my case.
I still have the problem.

Is there really no solution for this??
This is unacceptable for any professional software…