Hanging notes with Dorico and Opus?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone else ever get hanging notes with Opus and Hollywood Choirs? It’s really annoying to keep quitting Dorico to silence the offending notes. I suspect the problem is probably with Opus.



You should find that simply stopping and restarting playback is sufficient to silence any hanging notes. If that doesn’t work, chances are there could a problem with the Opus plug-in, and it might be worth checking for any updates to the plug-in.

Yes, I’ve had it happen with Opus and Hollywood choirs. No promises about whether it was the same issue though.

I’ve done things where I made the “green circle” in the upper right corner of Opus spin - loading instruments or whatever - and I was impatient enough to go ahead and start working with what was already loaded. Usually it is not a problem, but I’ve occasionally seen that circle just hang, and Opus seems to be in a partially functional state. Those couple of times when it happened with Hollywood choirs and a note hung might have been coincidence. Stop/start playback actually did work for the note - but the only way to “un-hang” the plugin was to restart Dorico.

I’ve had something similar happen if I say yes to the “a new version is available and do I want to download” Opus popup.

The best solution in my case seems for me to be not so impatient. And never update the Opus VST from inside Dorico - use the EWQL updater.

Thanks for your input, Daniel and gdball. Yeah, I think it’s Opus itself. This has been going on for a while. By the way, both Dorico and Opus are up to date. I suppose I should contact them, but I’m leary that their customer support will be helpful.