Hanging notes

Is there is a solution to stop hanging payed notes ?
How do you have access to the Player ?

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Yes, there is. Go to the Play Mode, on the right side you see the “VST Instrument Rack” with the list of currently loaded instruments. Left to the instrument instances you’ll find three buttons, the middle one depicting a strangely looking ‘e’. Click on that and the editor window for the instrument will open. In case of HALion Sonic SE, on the right side below the Steinberg logo there is a little button which depicts a flash. It’s the MIDI Reset button and will make any note hanger quiet.

Dear Cyril,

Am I correct that you are the same Cyril from the VSL forums? If you’re not, this reply will be irrelevant to your setup. But in case helpful for those running Dorico connected to VEPro, it might be worth mentioning some of my experiences while auditioning Dorico:

  1. In my experience, the easiest way to stop all hanging notes is to just click VEPro’s audio engine off and then back on again.

  2. I used to get an unbearable number of hanging notes in Dimension Strings and Samplemodeling brass, starting as early as halfway into the first bar. Unfortunately, the only way I’ve been able to achieve complete lack of hanging notes, is to use 9 tabbed instances in VEPro (instead of putting the entire orchestra into one instance via the Event Input plug-in). (Am I missing something obvious?? Is there some other way to get multiple midi ports (each allowing 16 midi channels) connected to one instance without using the Event Input plug-in?)

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Dear Sam

Yes, I am the banned Cyril from VSL forum, this because I was talking too much of the VSL policy about lost Dongle*.

Hanging note mean that there is not enough processing power to proceed al the notes, it happens on heavy bars.
To cure this :

  • Just use your DAW and VSL
  • Use SSD for samples
  • Reduce pre-load buffer sizes
  • Watch “Swap used” in Activity Monitor/memory it should be always at 0

you can also read :

VSL is lying :

  • Steinberg offer all the possibility to deactivated a license on a lost/stolen dongle and to re-issue one ; this at the cost of the dongle
  • I did not find an insurances that will cover the lost of the contents of the dongle, they are just insuring the dongle itself for a few Euro.