Hanging on exit - I *may* be on to something here

Or maybe not - I have no idea.

The issue appears to possibly have something to do with Cubase writing to the defaults.xml file when shutting down. Here is a vid:


Cubase hung for a while, but I saw no need to u/l the entire vid. It’s only the last minute of the hang. Notice the .xml file being written at :53 - I of course have no idea what took so long, but I am thinking that it is possible that that might have something to do with the issue. This may not be new info; you peeps in Hamburg might already know this, but wanted to make you aware just in case.

I filled out a tech form, and requested that the info be fwd along to whoever should get it, so this may be redundant.

Kindly have a look at the vid; although it doesn’t really say all that much, maybe it will shed some light on the issue if you guys dont already have a handle on it.

Thank you!

Monday morn bump :slight_smile:

Do you have all the relevant MSXML updates installed?

Probably symptom rather than cause? defaults.xml is where most of your preferences are stored.

What may be strange is the size. Yours is 8MB. Mine on my work laptop is 632KB. Be interesting to see what else is in yours?

As an aside, the laptop of which I speak has NEVER once hung on exit from C6 or C5. And uses nearly all the same plugins as on my main DAW, other than paid plugins which I only have on the main DAW for obvious reasons.

Could very well be.

Not sure why the file size is what it is, or what could be in there that’s not in yours.

Umm, not sure what those are.

They come through as Windows Updates, and are necessary (msxml) for programs such as Cubase to parse XML files.

Ah, interesting. Going to look into that - thanks!

Someone reported in a thread in the C5 forum not too long ago that when he examined what was happening on the hang he noticed Cubase trying to write to Prefs over and over and over. Haven’t seen anything come of his report, though.

Studying for N+ so I don’t have time to sus the link, ATM.