Hanging on Startup (not Eucon bundle)

Dorico has been hanging while initializing the SKI Plugin Controller ever since I got a new MacBook Pro (2021, M1 Pro chip, running OS 12.3.1). The only solution is to restart the computer.

I’ve found some threads about Dorico hanging on components, but the threads are dated. All I have in Steinberg/Components is HALion Sonic SE.vst3. I have lots of components in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components (from Logic Pro). Before I do the laborious job of cleaning out that folder one by one, is there any fresh news on Dorico problems with MBP or Montery?

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.2 MB)
I’ve attached the crash diagnostic file.

Hi @Greg_Scheer , it looks like it was running until the day before yesterday and now it is not working anymore since yesterday. Is that correct?

Did you change something in the Dorico.app which maybe invalidated the code signature?

Can you open a Terminal window and type in the command

 codesign -v -v /Applications/Dorico\ 4.app

What is the output of that?