Hanging rest line thickness

I have changed the thickness of my stave lines to be a bit thinner than default. It seems any rest that hangs from the bottom line (or any ledger line above or below) has an extra line appended to the top which I’m guessing is the same weight as default stave line thickness (see attached image). Is there a way to change this, or stop it from happening? Or perhaps somewhere I can edit the little additional line glyph itself, either in Dorico or in a font editor?


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Curious. The half- and whole rests don’t seem to add this line until the rest is off the staff. It is a bit thicker than even the default staff lines. (It is, properly, the thickness of a ledger line.)

Aha, yes of course - it is a ledger line. I changed the thickness of those in engraving rules and that seems to have done the trick. Curious as to why it appears when the stave line should suffice though.

It’s a little bug. Dorico shouldn’t show a ledger line at that staff position for the breve (double whole note) rest. We’ll make sure this gets fixed in future.