Hangs on exit; could be Midisport 8x8? Opinions?

So I have begun yet another clean instal; Windows, Cubase, etc. I have installed all current Win7 updates, system drivers, and Dinovo Edge drivers. I have also installed my audio interface drivers. Cubase 6.0 is also installed with no updates as of yet. I have reached a stopping point after installing the latest Midisport 8x8 driver, version, from Avid.

I have reproduced the “hangs on exit” behavior repeatedly throughout the afternoon. When the Midisport is turned on and the driver loaded Cubase hangs. I have switched usb ports several times to no avail.

There are no extras installed, only what is required to run the computer and Cubase.

Thanks in advance.

I have installed the bare minimum required for operation and troubleshooting:

Re-installed Window 7 and latest updates.
Installed latest system and Logitech Dinovo Edge bluetooth keyboard\mouse driver.
Installed M-Audio Delta audio interface and latest drivers.
Installed Midisport 8x8 and latest driver.
Installed Ilok without updates.
Installed Cubase 6.0 without updates.

Exchanged bluetooth mouse/keyboard for hardwired PS/2 mouse/keyboard to check for driver conflict. No change.
Reinstalled bluetooth mouse/keyboard.

When my Midisport 8x8 is turned on THEN turned off anytime before opening Cubase, Cubase will hang on exit even though the Midisport has been turn off already. If I reboot the computer and do not turn on the Midisport at anytime Cubase does not hang on exit. In actual use, the Midisport appears to work fine other than hanging on exit.

Is there any information that can be gathered from the fact that Cubase will hang on exit even if I have not had the Midisport open during a project? Again, after booting up the PC I can turn on the Midisport then turn it off, and keep it off, proceed to opening Cubase and still have Cubase hang on exit even though the Midisport was never in use at the same time as Cubase.

My overriding concern is that I may discover the Midisport, Cubase, or just the combination of the two isn’t working correctly at an inappropriate time. I realize that the simple “workaround” is to reboot if I must reopen Cubase immediately after exiting or, if not, simply ignore it and let it take its time closing. However, when a “workaround” is up for consideration I approach it as a potential symptom of a larger systemic problem that could affect overall operability and reliability, hence my desire to understand and hopefully resolve this issue.

Thanks for any insight,

Mick Davies

Hangs on exit; could be Midisport 8x8?

No. If it were the Midisport causing the hang, that would mean that anyone who did not have a Midisport would not experience any hang. However, this is not the case.

Please offer some insight.

I have been able to repeat this behavior numerous times. There is clearly something happening between the Midisport 8x8 and Cubase 6 x64 causing this problem. That is not to deny that other drivers may be causing the same problem. If that is the case then there is a similar implementation of something within all these drivers or the way Cubase 6 x64 handles them that is causing the issue.

Only meticulous troubleshooting can corroborate anything. That entails shutting down operation for awhile and concentrating on nothing but troubleshooting Cubase and each driver individually; reformatting, re-installing only what is needed for testing, no 3rd party plugs, disconnect internet after downloading updates and drivers, turning off any unnecessary processes, etc.

Here is my related post in the Avid forums that includes my PC specs:



Here is some insight.

If I, and several others with no Midisport anywhere to found, can:

Launch Cubase
Create a new empty, blank project
Import a few audio files
Close Cubase, choosing not to save
And then experience the hang

  • this means that the hanging has NOTHING to do with the Midisport 8x8, nor it’s drivers.


"If that is the case then there is a similar implementation of something within all these drivers or the way Cubase 6 x64 handles them that is causing the issue."*

Jeff, that’s the part you were supposed to quote.

Still looking for some insightful technical comments from knowledgeable users who are able to isolate any driver with similar behavior.

*****Perhaps I should have used the word “code” instead of “something” in order to be clearer.

No it doesn’t - your logic is flawed.

I wasn’t supposed to quote anything. I was merely pointing out that the problem is not, as you say, “clearly something happening between the Midisport 8x8 and Cubase 6 x64”

Sorry if my post wasn’t insightful enough for you. But just because you didn’t find it insightful, doesn’t mean it wasn’t, because it was plenty insightful.

Oh? Explain.


“Here is some insight.”

You’re wrong.

Provide some technical insight is you want to constructively contribute to the conversation.

Please explain in detail your troubleshooting process, i.e., bios settings tested, hardware tested, Win7 x64 settings tested, Cubase settings tested, drivers versions tested. Also, I could not find any reference to your computer specs either here or in you website.

I noticed that I did not include my bios setup in my profile either. I’ll remedy that today for anyone interested.

FYI, my system hangs on exit EVERY SINGLE TIME and I don’t have a midisport. (I used to have 2, but they were on a completely different DAW, never installed on this one.) There is a known problem w/ Cubase crashing on exit. Mine started doing it every time around 6.03.

That’s a common Cubase problem and i concur with Jeff Hayat.
I used to have that issue where Cubase crashed on exit all the times and the solution was to change to administrator and vista compatibility mode (use the search function).
Since that adjustment all crash on exit issues where solved.Cubase runs smoothy now.
I have the midisport 8x8,4x4 and uc 33 (and other stuff) btw.
Win 7 64 Cubase 64 6.0.4

Have you reformatted and reinstalled Cubase without any drivers or hardware?

Compatibility mode completely froze Cubase as soon as I attempted to open a VSTi. I run everything as administrator in addition to having “taken ownership” of all my drives and disabling UAC.

jconstantine, would you be willing to post you computer specs and bios setting here or on your profile page (on your profile page would be better for the forum in general). Thanks.

Also I received a response form Avid if anyone is interested:

“I asked on this and it may* be an issue with our driver and the application not letting go, and when this happens our driver crashes. Unfortunatley I’m not sure when the developers are scheduled to work on this…”

*** emphasis is mine**

Understood. The only way for Steinberg and Avid to address this problem is to post detailed troubleshooting data in as technical a manner as possible.

Please understand that my posts are made within the context of my skills and the resources available to me. I don’t pretend to be a developer.