hangs on startup "waiting for video service"?

Anyone else seen this?
On Mac?


That’s interesting… I had it just now (for the first time-- session had been open for several hours and I’m guessing drives had spun down and N6 was looking for something that wasn’t immediately available) when trying to quit. Gave the option to ignore, which I took, and everything was fine on next startup.

Haven’t had it on startup.


I’ve had it a couple of times and I posted a support-request to Yamaha, but they haven’t found a solution yet…
it’s quite weird, since I didn’t include any video files in the projects where this particular error appeared.
Hope anyone knows why it happens.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yeah… same here-- no video in the project.


No video in the project here either, hmm…
And by clicking abort it starts up, and even works with a video I just imported.

Same problem here since today - never had this problem for two weeks, using Nuendo 6.0.2 with video.
After “Abort” in the message box everything seems to run fine…!?

I tried to run Nuendo 5.5.5 on the same project - no problems so far. Is it using the same video services?

I am on a PC / 64bit.

I had this problem yesterday. I did what I did with N5.5: make a version of N6 without the video component.

Duplicate N6, open the application package and take out the “videoengine.bundle”:
I don’t know if it’s possible to do the same on Windows.