Hans Zimmer - Time (acoustic fingerstyle cover)

Hello everyone,

here is my attempt to make a fingerstyle cover of this famous song from the OST Inception :smiley: Made with Steinberg UR22mkII, Rode M5 a Cubase :smiley:


Wow! :slight_smile:
Great! I like it. Did you add a hall to track or it is original sound of castle hall? How far was a mic? Above you? I ask because your sound is good and in January I will start recording album of my wife’s ballads. And we can go to castle too. I draw an equipment needs in mind now.

Thank you :slight_smile: The track itself has been recorded in my ‘‘home studio’’, so I added a reverb later, so it fits to the room. Record it in a real time was impossible, because acoustic in the room was really bad, too much echo.

Aha, therefore I ask setup, because it sounds unreally good :slight_smile:

Here it is. One stereo track with two microphones + EQ with Strumming Acoustic guitar preset.

Thank you! Will try.

Great job! Will you share the tab?

Thank you. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any. I just played it by ear. It took one or two days to figure it out. It is not too hard :slight_smile:

Great work, fantastic video. I wish I had a spare gallery like that one. :unamused:

I also liked the fact that whilst there were one or two blemishes
in the performance, you left them in there. :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile: I think, it is not too hard to shoot a video at places like that. You just have to be lucky with the person, you ask for it.

I kept those mistakes there. I could record and record it until it’s perfect, but I’m not sure, that what music is about.