Happy '17, forum and Steiny!

As the title says :smiley: ! The year here has just changed so I’ll be the first to wish you all well.

Mauri in Oz :slight_smile: .

Happy New Years from Denmark!

A few hours left here, happy new year from Sweden :slight_smile:

And one more from Denmark,
Happy New Years all.
Godt nytår allesammen.
guten rutsch ins neue jahr

Yeah… Happy New Year folks! :wink:

I still have 13 hours of 2016 music making time left.

Regards :sunglasses:

Best wishes to all!

all the best from Portugal!


Cheers, yall

Yes keep happy you’all, the only way 2 happiness :wink:

:mrgreen: And a (H)appy NEW YEAR !!! BTW

A fantastic year of Cubasing from Canada!

Happy New Year from New York City!