Happy 30th Birthday Cubase

wow 30 years old …
happy birthday…
Cubase has been part of my life for 28 of those years… Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing !
cheers and thank you Charlie Steinberg…
here is to the next 30 years,

It’s a Happy 30th from me,(yeah its a bit late ,but its the thought that counts) :laughing:

New user of Cubase Pro 10 (as a hobby) since June 2018 :smiley:

Learning a lot, and really enjoying the expereince. Lots of great instrumentalists and features

Nice to be part of the Cubase family

Big thanks to all the people who help make Cubase and Steinberg products…

Happy birthday. Glad we’ve still got 10 years to go until the mid-life crisis kicks in.

I started using Cubase as soon as they added audio. It was simply renamed “Cubase Audio”.

I was a beta tester for Digidesign’s Sound Designer and Sound Tools at the time (the predecessor to Protools) and had a ring-side seat to all the different DAWs that came along. Steinberg was always a trail blazer and if it hadn’t been for Russ Jones Marketing in the USA Cubase would have taken over the U.S. Market. (It was sold under “Steinberg Jones” during those years)

Even though I was beta testing lots of different offerings back then I always used Cubase for my own work.

Emagic “Logic” (Now Apple) became the musicians choice and obviously Protools became the post production choice. But I still, to this day, evangelize people over to Steinberg whenever I can.

Thanks for reminding me how old I am Steinberg !

Onward !

That picture on the home page really brought back some nostalgia. I started with Cubase 3 on the Atari ST back in 1994, then I bought the Producer Pack which contained Cubase VST 3.5 and Wavelab 1.6. in 1997
It’s been absolutely amazing to see how this product has grown over the years!

Hah, as an Amiga owner we were always jealous of Cubase on ST, so i remember using software like Music-X and MOD trackers and dismissing Cubase as it had no audio capabilites. But we used it at school with an SY99 plugged up to it, and i always loved locking myself away in the music room playing with it all.

Then came the day where the poor Amiga was doomed, so i jumped to a Windows machine which i picked up from an office that was clearing out it’s old machines, and i hated it. But then, audio on PCs really picked up from nowhere, I always remember getting different revisions of Cubase VST on a disk and being totally wowed by this ‘new’ VST format and real time synths/effects/more than 4 channels of audio!!. I remember thinking that as good as the idea is, they’ll never be able to make it playback as quick as a real synth (due to the latency). And now look at it, we can have hundreds of tracks running with an insane amount of processing going on.

Great times, and it’s crazy to think how everyone at the time was throwing away Analog gear to bring in this new era of digital, yet i was a little too young to really understand how everything was changing around us at the time - my brother was involved in bands so it was normal to be surrounded by 808s, DX7, Junos, so much iconic hardware - but it just dropped in desire/value… And in it’s place everything just kept being passed around on CDs from person to person - i did not really know what all the functions were but felt like gold-dust at the time, and i had to have it on my machine.

Then i got a proper paid job towards the end of education, and remember buying Cubase SX through the college after speaking to a rep there who had to explain to my parents what it was that i was buying as they didn’t understand the value in such things, and it was amazing, that was the first time i had invested real money into music and really started to understand it, printed manual that i’d read during any spare minute, and my Dad going mental as i was tapping away on keyboards at 2am in the morning lol.

Many great times and that boxed copy on the shelf was my pride and joy, and it’s still in my loft lol, very few people owned a legit copy around me so it was special, a real time of discovery and excitement. Nowadays you see alot of hate, negativity and entitlement towards these products, which is sad as once upon a time they carried a magic that just made you desperately desire them and you just accepted and worked around any bugs/flaws.

Happy birthday Cubase.

I was given a Cubase 1.0 Atari floppy disk by David Nicholson in 1989. ‘Here’s our new product, we think it’s going to be big’.

Thank you to the developers over the years who have given musicians around the world the ability to transform the way music is produced. Special thanks to Charlie and Werner.

awesome. :ugeek:

well done Charlie - I’ve run across him a few times over the years and he’s always been an absolute gentleman

Happy Birthday Cubase.

The blue box on the the nostalgia picture… I still have it in my cupboard with the Atari ST (hoarder). Dont know the exact Atari version but it was approx 1994. Fancy blue box with bound manual. Steinberg Midex 8. Watched it grow into the Cubase VST and the into the new codebase of what we have today. When we consider how much time of our we’ve been sitting in front of Cubase its no wonder we get involved around here!

Happy anniversary birthday, and best wishes for a successful new decade!

ahhh wish I waited till now to update to cubase 10…

Pffff… 30 years. Thats nothing.

This guy used Pro 24 in 1987 :sunglasses: :laughing:

Happy anniversary birthday.

Just bought Cubase 10 Pro.

!!!CUBASE!!!Многая лета!!!

Happy Birthday!!

I fired up my Atari ST the other day (I’ve just moved house and I was selling off things I hadn’t used for years!), loaded up Cubase and it was cool to see it all still worked. MIDI built in, now that was the killer feature for the Atari, I did so much music on that setup. So, it sold for around a ton which isn’t bad 25 years after I bought it for about £250 all in :smiley:



My first experience with Cubase was version 1.1 on windows around 1993 I think. There was no audio and I was using it with a borrowed Juno 106. Later I ended up getting an Akai S1100 and used that for loops and samples until Cubase was mature enough to take those duties. I remember learning about updates by reading the Steinberg Jones Compuserve forums before the internet was easily available. We’ve come a long way. Happy birthday Cubase.

My first computer was an Atari ST in 88, Used Notator (predecessor to Logic) then to Cubase Audio Falcon somewhere around 94. On it ever since! Stopped upgrading at version 3 for awhile, just started on 10.5. Pleased to see other old-timers here! Still have my Falcon! (upgraded with an 060!)