Happy birthday Daniel!

Facebook told me it’s Daniel’s birthday today — a very happy birthday to our Fearless Leader!

Cheers, and may there be many more to follow. :slight_smile:

Yes, happy birthday Daniel!

A very Happy Birthday to you Daniel! Your tireless work is always appreciated!

Have a wonderful day, Daniel. Then do it again - often!

Yes! Happy Birthday, and thanks for all your hard work!

Happy Birthday, Daniel! Hope you take this thread as a proof of our appreciation of your incredible effort and expertise. Dorico support (with help from the others of course) has got to be the very best out there. Wish you a forum free day :smiley:

Indeed, Happy Birthday, Daniel! Best wishes for what I hope is a day off, and a very well-deserved one at that!

Happy birthday, Daniel! Have a wonderful day!

I join the enthusiasm of my fellow Doricians and wish you a very pleasant day ! Thank you for all you work and dedication :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Daniel! Enjoy a wonderful day … hopefully with your family and not with work!!

Thanks, everybody. My birthday was actually yesterday, which was also the fifth anniversary of us starting work at Steinberg. Our sixth year begins today!

Congratulations, and have a great sixth year!

Happy Birthday, Daniel! Hope you had a great one! Here’s to another great year!

Dear Daniel,

I wish you all the best for your further life :wink:

Hope you were allowed to celebrate your birthday the way you wanted it!! (perhaps a one-day-chillout??)



Congrats Daniel! Wishing you long life with lots of health, love, success, and lots of MUSIC! :wink: Warmest cheers

Hopefully you’ve had a great one, Daniel! Thank you for everything!

:smiley: Ditto, Daniel! :smiley: